About Us

Amdavad Film Festival, named after the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, showcases the most diverse, most innovative, and most profound films from around the world. This festival acts as a hub or center for talented artists to share their work with a growing audience of festival goers, film industries, and aspiring filmmakers and writers. With the multiplitude of gifted artist, cross pollination of ideas is inevitable to further create a birthing of fresh pieces of art that will continue to move and influence others for the better.

Why Film?

Visual storytelling has been the dominant medium in how we communicate and share our views, perceptions, and creativity with the mass population, giving many the opportunity to be exposed to different philosophies, beliefs, and ways of being that one usually would not have access to otherwise. Together, we can use the love of documentary films as a tool for social change and higher awareness in our society.

Our Mission is:

To Congregate, bringing together international filmmakers, writers, producers, directors etc. and others of the media related field to discuss, network, and contribute to each other’s artistry

To Highlight any up and coming fresh films that demonstrate first rate content and vanguard work

To Give Recognition to competent, well made, and innovative films that could potentially be noticed by big film industries

To Preserve and Share, a visual art form so it continues to thrive and gain more attention to a wider audience

To Connect the audience exclusively with the filmmakers as a forum for important conservations on related topics and issues

Our Story

The Amdavad Film Festival was created by Dirgha media and Hello Gujarat TV, a media company, that is based on the vision of Gayatri, to inspire wisdom, acting as a source to help humanity transform the intellect. This powerful mantra reverberates throughout all of our initiatives to spread happiness, joy, and greater consciousness to others and also through our creative work including films. In the space of Gayatri with us, the festival will be filled with rich spirit, genuine connection, and brilliant visionaries that will enlighten our intellect to its highest potential.